Top 4 Things That The Modern Home Buyer Wants

The homebuyers today are different from those of the previous generations. The needs and preferences of the modern homebuyers have changed. Here are the must-have things that the modern home buyer wants.


1. Energy efficiency

The cost of living is an essential factor to consider when buying a house. The cost of energy bills is increasing. So, buyers now look for homes that are more energy efficient. For example, house with double or triple pane windows is preferred than one with normal windows.

2. Storage

Buyers now want plenty of storage space. Built-in features are highly regarded. Large storage spaces will help the homeowner to stay organized. So, built-in closets, walk-in kitchen pantries, etc. are attractive features for today’s home buyers.


Technology is now an everyday part of our lives. People look for good use of technology in their home.  Features like LED lighting, automated thermostats, etc. adds value to the house. So, homes that have the latest gadgets and high-tech features are in high demand.

4. Security

Security is of major concern for the modern homebuyers. With the increase in the rate of crime, security is one of the top features to consider before buying a house. Features such as glass break sensors for doors and window,s motor activated lighting for exteriors, CCTV coverage, and other modern security solutions are sought by the modern home buyers.

The modern home buyers look for a more practical solution. They want to buy a house that they can afford. They look out for hassle free living and so seeks features that will make their life comfortable.

5 Reasons Why it is Better to Buy a Condo Than a House

Now cities are full of condos. They are a practical alternative to houses. If you are living in a city then a condo may be a better choice for you. Here are the reasons why.

You don’t need to take care of your yard or pool

In the case of a condo, the homeowner’s association is responsible for all the maintenance works. So, you don’t have to mow the lawn, weed the garden or clean the pool. You also don’t have to pay anything extra for these works.

Some services are inclusive

In many condos, you don’t have to pay extra for trash removal, security, and water. A private security company is responsible for the safety of the people living in the condo. In some condos, you won’t need to pay for electricity or cable TV as well.

Neighborhood security

Condos are usually located in places where there are lots of restaurants, public transportation, schools, shops and other amenities So, the neighborhood is very secured. There is less chance of any criminal activity in these neighborhoods.

Low insurance costs

The homeowner’s association has its own insurance policies. So the insurance premium you pay is lower. The insurance policy includes earthquake and flood protection.

Low property taxes

The property taxes depend on the property’s value. As condos are cheaper compared to houses, the property taxes of condos are lower.

Though many people are concerned about their privacy, buying a condo instead of a house is practical. You will be able live peacefully without worrying about any kind of maintenance of the property.